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Australia-Netherlands Water Challenge – 2nd Edition: Australia Water Smart

Theme of the second edition of the Australia-Netherlands Water Challenge was AUSTRALIA WATER SMART.

A key area in which Australia and the Netherlands are working together is building a strong information chain for water and climate related problems. This chain consists of data collection, data processing, data storage, data analysis and modelling and the development of smart applications to support decision-making for water managers, policy makers, residents, farmers, business owners, etc.

Several cooperative initiatives are already underway between Australian and Dutch organisations to establish this information chain, building on platforms such as HydroNET ( and Delft-FEWS (

The focus of this second Australia-Netherlands Water Challenge was on two specific dimensions of the information chain:

  1. The potential of social media as a source of data (crowd-sourcing), and;
  2. The potential of apps that enable people to make better informed water-related decisions.
Asia Water Challenge

NRT Twitter Data Mapping Solution

An innovative design platform that facilitates the analysis and mapping of massive volumes of twitter data in near real-time to support emergency response activities during

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