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In Australia the focus of the work of the TWA Water Hub is on capacity building and knowledge sharing - specifically in the area of flood management. 

The water sector in Australia is multi-faceted – mature in some aspects such as our water urban & regional utilities and water trading in the Murray Darling system – but in other parts – such as responding to increasing frequencies on flood impacts or smart urban water sensitive design we continue to build capacity and be innovative. The country is big and the need for local clusters to build on the experience and learning of other local, national and international colleagues is vital & saves having to reinvent solutions.

Post the severe 2011 sate-wide flood in Queensland, the desire to better prepare against the impacts of future flood events saw a Flood Community of Practice network founded in 2014, developed and now evolved into a highly regarded knowledge hub & Practioner driven network. With over 600 engaged colleagues The Water Agency – Piet Filet continues to develop new ways to allow participants to share their knowledge & experiences and attract a diverse array of government, consulting, research, NGO and community based professionals.

Flooding might be the trigger to attract participants, but solutions are based on a whole of water cycle approach with integrated cross discipline thinking and solutions being considered and shared.

As early career professionals enter their water sector role, the TWA team is happy to provide engagement and mentoring opportunities within our network with other experienced colleagues – and also to ensure fresh thinking and creative approaches that YEPers can offer to the local water sector.

Keeping up with developments in other parts of the world TWA offers colleagues a chance to meet visiting international water experts during network events and also offers study tours to Europe and Asia to appreciate the challenges and water opportunities being developed elsewhere.


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Thematic CoP sessions

Piet, Managing Partner at TWA, is a flood management export. He regularly host thematic CoP sessions in Australia. Should you wish to join a session, please contact us.

Contact  Piet for all your inquiries concerning Australia and The Pacific:

Piet Filet
Managing Partner - Australia & The Pacific

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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