Introducing Miss Alice

Xin Chao Tat Ca Cac Ban - Warmly welcome from Vietnam

I am (Alice) Mai Nguyen, working for TWA as the Project Consultant.

On the behalf of my colleagues from Myanmar, Indonesia, Netherland, let extend my warmly welcome to all of you. With 6-7 years experience in different positions from marketing, customer service, administrator, I can give a hand to TWA visions & missions.

I know that TWA mission is challenging but our journey creates by the grand vision, effective strategy, and worldwide network, but I believe in TWA, in my team, in myself that we can make a change a save our Water resource. I have no doubt putting full concentration & passion in it.

My current priority missions is developing the content for Vietnam Water Portal website and seeking the local organizations, authorities, stakeholders, or anyone who interest in cooperation with TWA further project/ campaign/ activity.

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