Introducing Miss Carrina Lim

Carrina - Consultant

Hello, this is Carrina! Indonesian born and Junior Project Consultant at The Water Agency Indonesia. She started in The Water Agency earlier this year and since then she has joined the fun of connecting people and working in various projects such as business development and capacity building programs. Her additional responsibility is to develop and maintain the Indonesia Water Portal (IWP) and all IWP social media. Do check her works through social media #waterID for more information.

What are the meaningful things about working here?

Working here has opened many doors for me. I get the chance to meet and connect with amazing and passionate people. Besides that, the dynamic of my international team is something I hold dear. With friends and colleagues in Myanmar, Vietnam, Australia, and the Netherlands. For the first few months, I have been thought valuable lessons and also challenged to push my boundaries while being mentored closely by my Indonesian colleague, Rangga Rishar Saputra and our managing director Gregor van Essen. I look forward to working closely with our partners and individuals in the water and maritime sector and to establish a good relationship with every stakeholder.

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