Introducing Miss Keylin Vindyra

Halo! It's Keylin from Indonesia. Graduating from Water Resources Engineering and Management major, I started my career journey with The Water Agency in early 2021. Since then, I have been involved in various projects and scope of work, including running capacity building programs, performing stakeholder mapping and analysis, managing and creating content for the media outlets, and many others.

What are the meaningful things about working here?

As the scope of company lines is relatively broad, working with The Water Agency gave me the experience to try many different things and meet various new people. Given the opportunity to collaborate with national/international and senior partners boosts my confidence and encourages me never to get tired of learning.

Not solely for me, I learned the projects that The Water Agency has been involved in continuously bring a positive change to the surroundings wherein the process, my colleagues always remind me to do more than business-as-usual performance.

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