Introducing Miss Shwe Yati Su

Shwe Yati Su - Project Consultant

Hello, this is Yati from The Water Agency Myanmar. Her current position is the project consultant starting to join earlier this year. Since she has the background knowledge with civil, structural, water, environmental and Metocean engineering, she loves to work not only as a water consultant but also as an engineer to develop business, stakeholders engagement, proposal writing and capacity building workshops such as involving in Climate Adaptation Pilot projects in Thaketa. She is a former participant of the first Water Challenge in Myanmar organized by the Dutch Government in collaboration with The Water Agency in 2016. So, it is no doubtful that she intends to be involved for water and environmental issues and problems solving with the team.

What are the meaningful things about working here?
As soon as I came back from Singapore, the first thing I did try to begin a first step for my career in Myanmar is to apply job in the Water Agency. Since I have personally known the managing director Gregor van Essen from the Water Challenge program which I joined in 2016, I really intended to know how the company works and connects with community and other business partners. That definitely made me enthusiastic to join. Day by Day, I get the opportunity to be well involved in projects with the support of local manager and team. Thank you for welcoming me as a part of TWA team. As mutual respect and trust are my core values, I absolutely love working with my team from Myanmar, Indonesia, and Vietnam. I hope to work for many projects such as business development, water educational platform and Innovative online workshops beyond the COVID 19 and political crisis.
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