Introducing Miss Thinzar Mon

Hello, this is Thinzar Mon, a junior project consultant at the Water Agency Myanmar. She is responsible for assisting in the operation of the Myanmar Water Portal Website, design and community engagement support for Climate Adaptation Pilot project in Thaketa, led by The Water Agency.

She is in her final year of Bachelor in Civil Engineering at Yangon Technological University. She has a keen interest in the water sector and currently working on her bachelor thesis with regard to water resources engineering.

What are the meaningful things about working here?

Working at The Water Agency is such a great opportunity for me. I can have job experience while continuing working on my bachelor study. All the colleagues in Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia and the Netherlands are very inspiring and amazing people. By working alongside my Myanmar colleagues, who are very supportive, considerate and hard-working, I got to learn several experience and hence, all these things encourage me to improve my skills and explore more about my abilities.

Indonesia Port Academy 2020
Introducing Miss Thandar

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