Tri Octiviani - Project Consultant
Hello, this is Octi, the newest member of The Water Agency from Indonesia. She used to work as an urban designer and got her master's degree in Disaster Management early this year. She became part of the team as a Project Consultant in early September 2021 and started to involve in various capacity-building programs. Along with her background and experiences, we believe she can contribute new perspectives of water security, sustainability, and resilience to the team.

The meaningful things about working in TWA:

My previous work taught me that people and community should be the main focus in developing a city. Joining The Water Agency enabled me to work closely with people from different kinds of stakeholders locally and internationally. I also got a chance to collaborate with amazing people from Myanmar, Vietnam, Australia, and the Netherlands. Being part of the team would allow me to develop, strengthen, and connect the people and community in order to achieve a more safe and resilient city, starting from the very basic topic of human needs: water.