WE are Water Education Program (Myanmar)


Southeast Asia has abundant water resources at the national scale. However, rapid developments and climate change are putting pressure on water resources and water-related risks. As such, there is an urgent need for capacity building and knowledge sharing on the topic of water and the environment.

Supported by Nuffic and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Vrije Universiteit and The Water Agency have launched a program called WE are Water Education (Myanmar). The foundation of the program is to deliver interdisciplinary, practice-oriented water and environment education through a dedicated online platform. The program will offer a wide range of online theoretical and practical water-related courses on various topics for (young) water professionals, university students and people who are interested in water and environment sectors.
  • To enhance the potential for knowledge transfer among local water professionals
  • To closely link theory to (local) practice, ensuring that knowledge gained through the courses has a practical real-life purpose in people's own environment
  • To provide a gateway for further self-development through online resources for further learning
  • To support the participants to pursue further (international) education and gain better qualifications through certification
  • To encourage online interaction among participants, supporting the development of (new) networks of local water professionals as well as connections with international professionals


There will be around 25 self-paced courses within the program, developed by international and local water experts from Myanmar. The courses are broadly bundled in a couple of themes including:

Theme I: Water and Society;
Theme II: Water and Climate Systems;
Theme III: Water and Environment;
Theme IV: Water Planning and Engineering and;
Theme V: Water Data and Analysis  

Program batch 1 will be run from 01 September 2022 to 30 November 2022 on the Asia Water Academy Platform

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