What's in a name - why we are The Water 'Agency'


In 2015 Piet Filet, Gregor van Essen and Frodo van Oostveen started The Water Agency. Our ambition? To bring more creativity and collaboration in the International Water Sector with a specific focus on Asia Pacific. Therefore, we felt like the word 'Agency' is a good fit for our creative company. 

"Agency is what human beings use to be in full command of their lives." Agency is the ability to act as an effective agent for yourself — getting your mind, body, and emotions in balance to think clearly, advocate effectively, and make decisions that further your business and life goals

by 'Power of Agency' - Paul Napper & Anthony Rao

Agency also means the ability to slow things down, focus, and size up your current situation and make good decisions. This is the age of being overwhelmed and drifting through life. People are nowadays always on technology, move less, always working and focused on the competitiveness metrics; flood of stuff.

This feels like exactly what we are offering as The Water Agency – we help people / organisation to step outside themselves and access the quality of their own thinking. "We are losing the attention war" – and people are in need of a guidebook or roadmap. This will empower people to develop the capacity to control stimuli, learning to adapt and improve effective decision-making.

The book "The Power of Agency" identifies two leading principles: 

1.Behavioral Principles (Self Management)

  • a.Control Stimuli
  • b.Associate Selectively
  • c.Move

2.Cognitive Principles

  • a.Position yourself as a learner
  • b.Manage your emotions and beliefs
  • c.Check your intuition
  • d.Deliberate than act

The Water Agency is available for your quest for agency on Water Education / Business / Knowledge / Communications. We can be your guide to design country roadmaps, public-private partnerships, study tours, and (online) communications strategies.

Our local Water Hubs are open for collaboration.

Indonesia Water Sector Consultation in the Hague
WaterTech Myanmar 2019

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