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Asia Valuing Water

Water is a core issue in development because every single of us needs water to live. Despite its important role, water remains scarce and problematic in many cities around the world. According to UN-Water, there are 3,6 billion people live in water-stressed area. It means they struggle to access safe drinking water service or sanitation service or even lack of basic handwashing facilities. In addition to that, we currently live in the times of climate change which is inevitable. Most of natural disasters are water-related, either flood, drought, storm, and others. The impacts of climate change are experienced by everyone and all sectors in some extend, not to mentioned, companies and businesses. Water-related risks affect at least supply chain, operating costs, revenue, and productivity of a business. Therefore, recognizing the value of water and its impacts to operations help businesses to adapt to climate change and increase its resilience and sustainable. It even opens new opportunities for business to thrive.

Asia Valuing Water is an initiative by The Water Agency in the format of training and consultancy program for mid-level professionals from all business sectors to help them in making better decisions to face water risks. We succeeded the pilot project in Myanmar and wish to create new implementation to make impact in another region.

Program Objectives

Asia Valuing Water initiative presents to support business to understand the level of company’s exposure to and sharing of water risks in direct operations and across supply chains. Moreover, we integrate water in decision making, disclosure, and make smart investment decisions, also to collaborate with other water users, experts, and stakeholders to address shared risks and seize opportunities.

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