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According to the Asian Water Development Outlook (2016), up to 3.4 billion people could be living under water stress across the Asia Pacific region by 2050, suffering from a lack of clean drinking water, threatened by floods, at risk from poor sewerage or threatened by water pollution. It highlights a strong case for strengthening partnerships, inclusive approaches, using more knowledge-based solutions and applying the latest technologies.

At The Water Agency, we support international companies and organisations to put people at the heart of their water development projects in Asia. From our regional Water Hubs, our work focuses on stakeholder management, community engagement, inclusive development, youth leadership and water education. Because people-centred projects have more impact!

The company is currently active in Asia-Pacific with three branch offices (so-called Water Hubs), Myanmar, Indonesia, and Vietnam, international liaison offices in The Netherlands and Australia. Through these Water Hubs, the company identify and develop opportunities to address critical water and climate challenges in the region. Above anything else, we share the passion for water and the ambition to connect and inspire people towards a bright water future.

Highlights of 2022

For many of us working in the international water sector, 2022 was the year we had been looking forward to! Getting back out on the road; meeting again with our clients, partners and good friends across the Asia region; visiting our project locations; engaging face-to-face with stakeholders and communities; and developing several new, exciting programs and platforms. For us at The Water Agency, as an organisation dedicated to “making connections”, it felt like being born again!

Launch of Vietnam Water Portal

Following in the footsteps of the successful Myanmar Water Portal, and Indonesia Water Portal, Vietnam Water Portal was launched to offer a one-stop gateway to all the latest news, events, projects and business opportunities in the Vietnam water sector.

Highlights of 2017 - 2019

Timeline of growth and receiving recognition for putting our best efforts into every service through effective communication.

Launch of Myanmar and Indonesia Water Portals

Myanmar Water Portal and Indonesia Water Portal were launched to provide a gateway to all the latest news, events, projects and business opportunities in respective local water sectors.

2016: Our Journey begins

We started our journey with a dedication to create an Asia Pacific Water Hub Network, bringing together the best people, ideas, and solutions from around the world.

Our Vision

It is our vision for water to be a valued and shared force of life for all people in Asia Pacific.

To create an Asia Pacific Water Hub Network, bringing together the best people, ideas, and solutions from around the world.


We always go hand-in-hand with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the universal call of action to combat urgent environmental, political, and economic challenges. Our vision and mission support the SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation. We have dedicated services to education, which supports the SDG 4: Quality Education and also SDG 5: Gender Equality, as we always give the same opportunity to both men and women. We try to engage the local community as part of the stakeholders to support SDG 10: Reduce Inequalities and encourage them to be more sustainable as a part of SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.

We focus on water management and sustainability, which are connected to SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production and SDG 13: Climate Action. Finally, SDG 17: Partnerships for The Goals is running in our blood as our company value is to bring together companies and organisations to solve water challenges.

SDG Impact


Co-founder & Managing Director
Netherlands & Europe

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Regional Project Manager & Representative
Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore

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Regional Business Development & Partnerships Manager

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Project Consultant and Representative
Myanmar & Thailand

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Project Consultant and Representative
Vietnam, Laos, Philippines & Cambodia

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Project Consultant

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Project Consultant

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Project Consultant

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Project Consultant

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Hein Htet Aung

Project Consultant

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Chan Myae Naing

Project Consultant


Frodo Van Oostveen

Netherlands & Europe

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Co-founder & Associate Partner
Australia, New Zeland & The Pacific

We present you our publications which will give more insight into the company and our activities throughout the years. These documents are accessible to all interested parties.

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