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Indonesia Port Academy

The programme is designed for students not just to have a classroom learning but also practical experience directly on the field mentored by various local and international experts. The program conducted in a selected port at major regions in Indonesia (Jawa, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi). The focus will still be on the implementation of green port concept and practice in Indonesia, educating students the various tenets of ports (engineering, finance, environment) and bringing the principle of People, Planet, Profit in building sustainable ports.

Asia Water Challenge

Indonesia Port Academy 2020

Jakarta – The first Port Academy 2020 has successfully been organized. On the first day, the participants were introduced to the concept and management aspect of

Asia Water Challenge

First Edition of Port Academy 2020

Minister Cora (middle) dropped by to Port Academy 2020 during her visit to Indonesia Port Corporations (Pelabuhan Indonesia II) Jakarta – The first Port Academy

Asia Water Challenge

Eco Smart Ports (Indonesia 2019)

Launched during the Indonesia Maritime Forum in February, the Eco-Smart Port Challenge 2019 has been inviting young talent from across Indonesia to contribute their personal ideas

Asia Water Challenge

Coasts & Ports (Indonesia 2013-2014)

The development of coasts and ports is of national importance to Indonesia, securing economic growth and offering safety against floods for millions of people. Given

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