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K2K Capacity Building Program

The K2K (Capacity Development of Knowledge to Knowledge) Internship Program has been done in August with the funding support under EKN/RVO. The main theme of this program is to let the students learned about IWRM approach enhancing the collaboration and cooperation among different sectors. Especially focused on Urban Water theme and Water logistics as per PIB themes.

The objective of the program is capacity development among students to enhance their knowledge development on IWRM, gain in international working experiences which learned by the experts’ sharing section, learn and improve themselves from their assignments about new techniques for infrastructures. The program run as a 6-month internship plan in which first two months is allocated with lectures and project knowledge sharing and the last 4 months are for the assignments which supervised and mentored by TWA, WBM and TMEC, then reviewed by the experts. There were three group assignments (5 students in each group) and 14 individuals’ assignments (one left after group assignment).

The project has been done successfully in the end of August and the period has been run from March to August ‘ 2022. All lectures, assignments and reviews has been run via online only with the private group and used the zoom platform. The Water Agency collaborated the program for knowledge sharing about Thaketa Climate Adaptation Pilot Project and mentoring for the group assignments. 


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