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Local Liaison for Water Management Cooperation in East Java

Indonesia and the Netherlands extended their cooperation in water management due to the MoU Water 2022-2026, reaffirming their commitment to addressing water-related challenges and promoting sustainable development. On this cooperation, East Java Province is one of the priority locations for this water cooperation. The commitment towards this cooperation is shown by numerous official delegations visits to Surabaya in 2023, several collaboration projects which are being planned, and the appointment of The Water Agency as a Local Liaison to bridge and facilitate the cooperation from two new projects that are implemented from April 2023 until December 2024.

Starting from April 2023 until December 2024, The Water Agency as Local Liaison for Water Cooperation between Indonesia and the Netherlands for East Java Province will support two projects which are the Welang River Basin Phase II project and the Sidoarjo project development. The Water Agency represented by Carrina works closely with the government and local stakeholders in Welang and Sidoarjo.

These two projects will build upon the successes of the initial phase and implement additional measures to enhance water resource management, mitigate flood risks, and promote sustainable agricultural practices in the region. Moreover, it will address water-related issues in the area. By addressing these critical water challenges, the project aims to enhance the resilience of the area.


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