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WE are Water Education (Indonesia)

The Water Agency and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) collaborate to develop a capacity-building program known as WE are Water Education (Indonesia). This program is designed to empower civil servants in East Java Province with practical skills and international best practices. Through collaborative efforts, we aim to facilitate knowledge transfer between Dutch and Indonesian experts, fostering integrated and cross-sectoral collaboration in climate-resilient water management for the Welang River Basin. Our endeavor is supported by the Orange Knowledge Programme by Nuffic and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in close collaboration with the East Java Province governments.

WE are Water Education (Indonesia): Climate-Resilient Water Management for Welang River Cities and Communities is geared towards bridging educational and training gaps among civil servants, enabling them to navigate the complexities of water issues, particularly in times of climate change. In this program, four clusters will be included with the focus on water economies, water governance and disaster.

The program commenced its preparation stage from September to December 2023, officially launched in January 2024, and will continue with self-learning and consultation sessions until May 2024. Additionally, offline workshops will be conducted in June 2024. The culmination of the program will involve international knowledge exchange and post-training activities in July 2024, marking a significant milestone in our collective efforts towards sustainable water management in East Java.


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