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Singapore-Netherlands Water Challenge – 1st Edition: Building with Nature

Singapore and the Netherlands have enjoyed strong relations for centuries, resulting in successful cooperation in many areas across industry, education, research, culture and government policy. More than anything else, Singapore and the Netherlands share a special relationship with water.

Both countries are small and very densely populated; they have extensive coastlines and inland waterways, world-class ports, large areas of reclaimed land, unique aquatic ecosystems and only few natural sources of fresh water. In addition, Singapore and the Netherlands face significant challenges in dealing with the combined effects of climate change and urbanisation.

The first edition of the Singapore-Netherlands Water Challenge challenged young talent to apply the main principles of Building with Nature to develop innovation solutions in different contexts as presented by the Lead Partners:

  • Building with Nature & Adaptation to Climate Change and Sea Level Rise (supported by Deltares).
  • Building with Nature & Maritime Construction Projects (supported by Royal Boskalis Westminster)
  • Integrated Water Management in Cities and Deltas (supported by Royal Haskoning)
  • Water-Energy-Temperature Nexus in Sustainable Cities (supported by Singapore-Delft Water Alliance & PUB Singapore)

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