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Bali Raincraft

Bali, one of Indonesia’s main tourism destinations, faces a water crisis due to massive tourism development and water mismanagement. Drought and water shortages have affected food production in the area. For the past few years, Bali also has been hit by flood incidents due to heavy rains and issues with water sewers. Groundwater pollution, mainly due to seawater intrusion, was also reported to occur. Effective yet inclusive design solutions are required to combat these reoccurring issues.

Through the success of Yangon Raincraft and Can Tho Raincraft, Asia Raincraft continues to its third edition which takes place in Bali, Indonesia, aiming to tackle the area’s emerging water and climate issues through a different approach. Lapangan Puputan Renon area is selected as the case study location, where all the mentioned water and climate issues are present. Located at Denpasar, the capital city of Bali, Lapangan Puputan Renon is a famous public open space that has several water and climate issues such as flooding, drainage blockage, and depletion of groundwater quality. Given the area’s importance for local community activities, and with the support of local stakeholders, Lapangan Puputan Renon is a fit choice for the program.

Bali Raincraft is specifically designed for Beasiswa Indonesia Maju (BIM) Scholarship awardees as a capacity-building program that runs for a continuous 8-week duration. This program intends to educate the next generation of leaders about real water and climate issues in a fun and innovative way, promote digital tools (Minecraft) as a part of water-climate education (learning and visualizing), and promote youth engagement in developing community-driven solutions for their neighborhoods. Bali Raincraft consists of four main activities, starting from the program kick-off on the 12th of August 2023, continued by knowledge exchange activities (learning through Minecraft education modules and workshops with experts), co-design for the proposed interventions, and final presentation on the 8th of October 2023.


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