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Bali Raincraft Final Presentation Stage: It’s Showtime!

After several weeks of learning and co-designing, the participants of Bali Raincraft were finally able to show their best designs in the final presentation stage on the 8th of October, 2023. The event was carried out in hybrid mode, where the participants and the Beasiswa Indonesia Maju (BIM) coordinators gathered in one place in the Balai Penjaminan Mutu Pendidikan (BPMP) Office in Bali. The juries, along with our program coordinators, attended the event through an online platform.

Opening Session

The event was first opened by a few words from Andi Yulianti Ramli, usually called Bu Nayo, the Acting Assistant Deputy for the Infrastructure Support Industry from the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment Affairs (Kemenkomarves). Bu Nayo accentuated the importance of future leaders’ involvement in mitigating water and climate issues, by first being aware of it.

Following that, Gregor van Essen, our Managing Director, also delivered some words to thank the partners, juries, and especially, the participants themselves. He also elaborated that this Raincraft program can be an inclusive platform for people to be engaged in solving water-climate issues, using a shared language that anyone can easily access and understand.

webinar photo

Figure 1. Group Photo with Guests and Juries

The agenda continued to the juries introduction. The juries consisted of Christian Alfonsus Liguori as the representative from the experts in the workshop series, Marsha Himawan from the Special Advisor Team of Kemenkomarves, and Carrina Lim, a water expert and our Regional Project Manager. All three juries were invited to say one or two words before beginning the next session, the presentation session.

Presentation Session

In this main agenda, six teams pitched their built designs to the juries in their own unique way. Each team was given a maximum of 10 minutes to present, followed by 15 minutes of Question and Answer (QnA). One compulsory output each team had to deliver was a video elaborating on their Minecraft designs. Team EPIPHANY had the honour to have the first presentation, which was then continued by Team INCRAFTOR, Team MARITRON, Team POSEIDON, Team 4LITA, and last but not least, Team BERLIAN BEKU.

bali raincraft final presentation 3
bali raincraft final presentation 2

Figure 2 and 3. Sneak Peeks of Some Teams’ Presentations

From rainwater harvesting and distillation building to bioswales and other fascinating solutions were presented by the participants. All were showcased in Minecraft! Even though the designing stage duration was limited, all six teams were able to pour their version of a water-climate resilient environment successfully.

Awarding Session

Though all teams’ solutions were up to par, winners should still be chosen. After several discussions and considerations among the jury panel, two teams with the most innovative solution and the most captivating presentation were selected. Congratulations to Team 4LITA for winning The Most Innovative Solution award and Team INCRAFTOR for winning The Most Captivating Presentation award!

Team Photo
bali raincraft final presentation 5

Figure 4 and 5. Winning Teams, 4LITA and INCRAFTOR

Not to forget, many thanks are given to all 27 wonderful participants, honorary guests and juries, respectable experts, Kemenkomarves, Beasiswa Indonesia Maju coordinators, and all other parties whose participation is very meaningful in this program. Finally, it can be concluded that the potential of these digital tools has been once more emphasised through this Minecraft game-based program and can be a valuable asset for future generations.

Figure 6. Group Photo of Bali Raincraft Participants