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Asia Water Academy

Across the Asia region, millions of professionals from government, private sector and academia are working to address the region’s many critical water, environment and climate challenges. But sometimes there seems to be a gap for the up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge to solve these issues. With dedication to improve the education, knowledge, and communication, The Water Agency is addressing this gap by developing an online education platform: Asia Water Academy.

Asia Water Academy is an online water, environment and climate education platform for professionals in Asia and beyond who seek to improve their skills and knowledge through interdisciplinary and practice-oriented courses, all at their own pace. The courses at Asia Water Academy offer a broad range of video lectures provided by a variety of international and local water experts. It includes not only knowledge-based courses from academic lecturers, but also courses on practical applications in actual climate adaptation projects across Asia. Many courses are self-paced and offered for free or at a small fee to be accessible and affordable for everyone.

We welcome any organization or individuals who wants to join our journey of sharing, learning, and inspiring. If you are interested, reach out to us anytime!

Program Objectives

Asia Water Academy aims:

  • To provide an online environment for learning, sharing, inspiring and interacting between professionals working on climate adaptation programs/projects across Asia.
  • To provide access to practical education and training programs related to climate adaptation.

Program Locations

Program Contact

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