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The Water Agency at YOUTHnified Fair

The Water Agency proudly participated in a dynamic Youth Knowledge Sharing Event at American Center Yangon, on 10th August 2023, named YOUTHnified fair. The event was collaborative with esteemed youth organizations, providing a platform for insightful discussions and knowledge exchange.
During the event, representatives from The Water Agency, alongside other prominent youth organizations, highlighted their impactful initiatives, focusing on two critical programs – Asia Raincraft and Asia Water Academy.
The presentation on Asia Raincraft captivated attendees by highlighting the innovative use of gamification for environmental education. The engaging approach to raising awareness about climate change and water conservation was showcased, underscoring the power of popular platforms in fostering transformative learning experiences.

In addition, the Asia Water Academy program was emphasized, demonstrating its pivotal role in shaping the next generation of water professionals. The comprehensive interdisciplinary course, which equips young minds with practical skills to address complex water challenges, resonated well with the audience.
The event yielded positive outcomes, reinforcing the collective commitment to empowering youth for a water-resilient future. The shared vision for addressing water-related challenges was a prominent theme throughout the event, leaving attendees inspired and motivated to drive meaningful change in their respective spheres.

The YOUTHnified event exemplified The Water Agency’s dedication to knowledge dissemination, capacity building, and youth engagement, all contributing to a more sustainable world. Thanks to Conceptians – YOUTHnified event organizers and all participants for their enthusiastic involvement.
For further information about The Water Agency’s programs and initiatives, please feel free to contact us at The Water Agency. Please stay connected with us on social media to receive updates and information about upcoming events. Together, we can shape a more resilient future.