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Asia Raincraft

Cities across Asia are dealing with serious water and climate challenges, ranging from flooding and water pollution to poor sanitation and water scarcity. Solving these problems needs engaged local communities that actively contribute to solutions at household, street and neighbourhood level.

Through the Asia Raincraft program, UN-Habitat and The Water Agency are joining forces to empower urban communities across Asia to have a real impact in addressing water and climate challenges in their own living environment. Asia Raincraft gives neighbourhood residents the knowledge, training, tools and platform to participate and contribute their ideas.

Through a collaborative, socially inclusive process, Asia Raincraft promotes engagement of people who don’t typically have a voice in public projects, from women and kids to elders, disabled residents and informal settlers.

Program Objectives

  • Giving urban communities a voice in making their cities more water and climate resilient
  • Promoting inclusive decision-making on urban water and climate issues
  • Educating communities to better understand how water and climate impact their neighbourhoods
  • Empowering communities to contribute to solutions 
  • Generating ideas and solutions that help city leaders to understand how they can make a real difference for their communities
  • Fostering stronger relations and better engagement between residents and institutions

Program Locations

Flyer: Asia Raincraft

Program Contact

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Asia Raincraft

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