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Asia Water Challenge

Asia Water Challenge is a capacity building program that challenges and inspires the next generation, especially students and young professional from various backgrounds, to contribute ideas and concepts for their version of solutions in sustainable water management.

The program first started in 2010 and was part of the broader Holland Water Challenge program. We see that there is a gap between what the student learns in university and what is the ‘real’ issue in the working world. Thus, the program serves as a “platform” to fill in that gap by educate and provide learning mechanism for young generation to the real professional working world. It also supports the business development objectives of the businesses in water sectors and connecting businesses with the great young talents in water sector and relevant fields.

Program Objectives

Asia Water Challenge has three main objectives, which are:

  • Blends the education, business, and community in understanding the demand of industry, preparing the young generations to enter the job market, and making impacts to the community towards sustainable development
  • Provides a platform to engage and collaborate with different stakeholders, such as local government agencies, businesses, and universities, to address on a particular focus
  • Offers opportunity for both young talents and business executives to connect, while educate and prepare them for working in water sector in Indonesia

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