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The First Milestone of Bali Raincraft: Learning Sessions, Done!

After the program kick-off on the 12th of August, 2023, learning sessions and knowledge exchange activities marked the first agenda of Bali Raincraft. This initial stage comprises learning through Raincraft Modules (education modules in Minecraft), which match with expert workshops that complement the modules. The three actual issues found during our preliminary site visit to Lapangan Puputan Renon were uplifted to become the topics for this learning phase, consisting of water sources, drainage waste, and extreme weather due to climate change.

Education Modules

Several days prior to each expert workshop, the participants were given an education module through a Minecraft semi-simulation game designed and created by us, The Water Agency. These three modules each contained 15-minute-ish interactive learning materials, where participants talked to a Non-Player Character (NPC) explaining the mentioned topics.

The water source module was given in the first week, followed by the drainage and greening modules in the second and third weeks. A light and fun quiz was provided at the end of each module to ensure that the participants fully comprehended the information given. Through these modules, it is in the best interest that the participants obtain the fundamental concept of the subjects before being elaborated further by the experts.

Figure 1. A Snapshot of Education Module III – Greening

Expert Workshops

Workshops with various experts aimed to provide a more thorough and comprehensive understanding of the issues that could not be covered in the modules. The workshops were conducted weekly and discussed topics corresponding to that week’s module’s subjects.

Figure 2. Group Photo of Workshop I – Sustainable Water Cycle

Christian Alfonsus Liguori, a Hydrologist and Young Water Resources Management Expert with about 6-year of working experience in the field, had the opportunity to share about the “Sustainable Water Cycle” to complement the water sources module. Following that week, a workshop with the theme of “Urban Waste Management” was presented by Rendra Kurnia Hasan, a Waste Management Coordinator and an Associate Policy Analyst from The Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment (Kemenkomarves).

The third and final workshop differed slightly from the previous sessions. Two experts were invited to discuss “Climate Change”, which matched with the education module on urban greening as one of the solutions to combat it. Denia Aulia Syam, a Flood Resilience Program Manager and Advocacy Specialist of Mercy Corps Indonesia was given the chance to present first, followed by Pudji Untoro from Badan Riset dan Inovasi Nasional (BRIN).

For almost four weeks run, the learning sessions of Bali Raincraft have finally finished. The participants are expected to have gained fruitful knowledge that they can bring into play during the co-design phase they go through afterwards. In the following weeks, the participants collaboratively build their solutions in Minecraft, and the finished designs are anticipated to be presented in early October.