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Community of Practice Climate Change workshop hosted in Brisbane as part of Queensland Water Modelling Network – in conjunction with International Water Centre.

Piet Filet, The Water Agency’ Managing Partner, is part of the Queensland Water Modelling Network. In conjunction with the International Water Centre Piet hosted a Community of Practice workshop on June 26.

Participants in the Queensland Water Modelling Network considered the issue of climate change and climate variability and what it means for water modelling and decision making.

During the workshop members shared findings of the “Critical Review of Climate Change in Queensland Water Models”. The findings stimulated small group discussion on what this means for a mix of specific themes. A targeted scoping of the needs for better communicating water modelling information to various audiences was also undertaken.

Please contact Piet Filet if you would like to see more information about this event: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.