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Creating a better Communication in the Water Sector through Myanmar Water Portal Platform

With the collaboration of Myanmar Water Partnership (MMWP), Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Development (IWUMD), Global Water Partnership and The Water Agency, the virtual webinar was successfully organized to promote and strengthen the knowledge and safety awareness of flood management from various perspectives to all the attended participants. 

The webinar was held on the 3rd of January and around 80 participants are enthusiastically involved in engaging with one another by asking questions and exchanging ideas on various topics related to flood management with the speakers. 

The webinar was divided into two sessions for eight speakers and one of each session contained discussion with speakers and sharing ideas and thoughts upon the relevant themes.

The objectives of the webinar are to strengthen the knowledge and awareness of flood management from various perspectives to the participants and to establish a network for the exchange of information related to this webinar’s theme. As we support to create a better transparent water sector in Myanmar, we provided facilitation during the webinar to communicate well and share information strategically between audiences and speakers. 

After the webinar, we managed to create a compilation of speakers’ presentations and 15-min videos where everyone can listen again and watch it individually.