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Empowering Youth for Environmental Action: A Groundbreaking Collaboration in the Mekong Region

The Water Agency, in collaboration with Tra Vinh University and the Vietnam Association of Community Colleges, recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the aim of raising awareness and engagement among youth concerning water and agricultural issues in the Mekong region of Vietnam. This agreement, “Mekong Delta Youth Engagement Program”, is essential in reigniting the passion of young minds across the region, addressing the challenges they face and empowering them to contribute positively to their communities once again.

The key terms of the MoU outline a collaborative approach to various projects, including challenges, international initiatives, skill training programs, and internships. Spanning five years, the agreement focuses on fostering cooperation in youth engagement and education. Success will be measured by the increased participation of young people in environmental initiatives and their ability to recognize and fulfill their roles effectively.

Expected outcomes of the MoU include the establishment of stronger relationships, the acquisition of practical skills through direct involvement in projects, and an enhanced sense of purpose among youth as active contributors to environmental sustainability. Plans for follow-up meetings and immediate project planning indicate a proactive approach to addressing issues and maximizing the impact of this important collaboration.

Companies and organisations interested to engage youth and students in the Mekong Delta, please contact: Ms. Alice Nguyen ([email protected]) or Ms. Tran Thi Ngoc Bich ([email protected]).