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Htee City (Myanmar 2018)

The 2nd edition of the Myanmar Water Challenge was held from August until October 2018. Under theme of Thee City, participants were challenged to develop their own vision on a water and climate resilient Yangon.

During the three-day event where students work on real life water cases in the Yangon region with the aim to engage with future water professionals, creating connections between students, water organisations local and internationally, with the possibility to stimulate students to become active in the Myanmar water sector. 

The Challenge was opened by the rector of Yangon University, Prof. Dr. Pho Kaung who welcomed the students on campus. A total of 40 students, from 13 different Myanmar Universities, was working on water related assignments for three days, specifically on the topic of Smart Port and Htee City.

The students were engaged in content-workshops, fieldtrips, skill-development training, team-building and guest-lectures of (inter)national speakers.