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TWA present at World Water Day in Nay Pyi Taw

The National Water Resources Committee (NWRC) was established by the Presidential Decree on 25 July 2013. Since 2014, NWRC has organised annual World Water Day Celebrations in Myanmar. Myanmar hosted its fifth successful World Water Day celebration on 22 February, with addresses from key dignitaries and a thematic workshop focused around the theme ‘Nature for Water’.

First output is the key messages which came out of the Yangon Declaration were discussed during one of the World Water Day sessions, as participants explored approaches to move forward with implementing the recommendations. The other main output of the day was focused on attaining the Sustainable Development Goals in Myanmar, as it works collaboratively with all sectors to develop a Myanmar Action Plan for the International Decade for Action, Water for Sustainable Development (2018-2028).

We decorated our booth as a neutral place where everybody can take memorial pictures and leave their business cards to connect them future wise. We recorded the videos for each sessions and collected presentations later for the purpose of future reference.