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UNESCO Water Resilience Challenge 2021: Strategies for solutions

Following the technical meeting and 4-day workshop in Phase I, the Challenge continues to Phase II, which started on 11 October until 11 November 2021. This phase aims to sharpen the teams in translating their strategies into solutions with the guidance of experienced mentors.

Within these five weeks, the teams are pushed to produce unique and fresh ideas, yet feasible and implementable on the local scale. The teams started by identifying the issues in Sembalun, then pinning down the main problems that they want to address and offering the concept solutions to tackle the Challenge’s theme: Water for Food, Water for Living, and Water and Safety. The teams are also carefully considering the local condition of Sembalun based on various aspects such as social, environmental, economic, and built environment.

Phase II Progress Presentation

The presentation held on 29 October 2021 marked the first half of each team’s progress in preparation toward the final phase. The event was held online and attended by all participants as well as the juries, which comprises experts from UNESCO Jakarta, RLUGGp & BR Management Board, and DMO Sembalun. The juries were delighted with the noticeable advancement each team presented and the passion they showed. Good job for the teams; you’re on the right track!

UWRC 2021 Young Water Leaders: the line-up

In solving complex issues, one cannot solve everything alone. Dialogue across institutions and expertise, especially in the Rinjani-Lombok Biosphere Reserve and UNESCO Global Geoparks (UGGp), is much needed.

Therefore, the teams are formed with different backgrounds, so a broader, small-scale constructive dialogue can happen. The participants then get a chance to see their teammates’ perspectives with diverse expertise and align their interests into a concrete, integrated solution.

Team Ez Yoke

The team members; Amelia, Elnaya, Gomgom, Shalahuddin, and Taufik, choose a pair of oxen with a yoke as their team’s logo to represent how they will share their load together as a team. Their mentor, ICLEI Indonesia, is a global network of more than 1,750 local and regional governments committed to sustainable urban development. ICLEI influences sustainability policy and drives local action for low emission, nature-based, equitable, resilient, and circular development. Together, Ez Yoke and ICLEI Indonesia are ready to change the game!

Team Sembalun

Team Sembalun, Amanda, Firman, Sunan, Ibnu, and Ririn, believe that community is the key to overcoming water challenges in Sembalun. Nazava, the mentor, also has a similar approach in their company, which is to improve the well-being of a community by providing safe drinking water to everybody, everywhere. With aligned vision and mission, Sembalun and Nazava are prepared to win the heart of the Sembalun community!


Anggita, Kinanti, Devian, Hanif, and Fadel believe that realizing resistance and resilience will strengthen the Sembalun community’s water challenges. The mentor, Urban+ Institute, is an initiative movement by Urban+ (design studio focus on Urban Design and Planning, Architecture, Landscape Design and advisory), dedicated to the research, observation, studies, and design on a variety of subjects to transform better city life. Guided by urban designers/planners, CAWS is inspired by their mentor’s way of thinking and approach on solutions to achieve an independent and sustainable Sembalun.

Team Waterbender

The team has the vision to create an adaptive water resource to achieve water resiliency in Sembalun. This vision is strengthened with the experienced and the skill of their mentor, AWS Indonesia. AWS Indonesia is the leading organization on good water stewardship in Indonesia, aiming to grow and strengthen leadership on good water stewardship for water-secure Indonesia. Collaborated with AWS Indonesia; Rosyad, Elvira, Fachri, Sabrina, and Sena are ready to actualize water resilience and sustainability in Sembalun.

Team Nirvana

Inspired by the beauty of Sembalun, Ammar, Asadia, Agung, Fathiya, and Nurisa are determined to solve water-related problems and challenges in Sembalun. As their mentor, Resilience BV is ready to equip the team with the necessary skill and knowledge based on their strength, including agri-extensions and farming applications, farmer-led irrigation and development, and horticulture development. A combination of various backgrounds and abilities between Nirvana and Resilience BV become their weapon to generate the most suitable and implementable solutions for water challenges in Sembalun.

Upcoming: The Final

Two weeks after the Phase II Progress Presentation, the teams are going to present their comprehensive solutions and implementation plan in the final presentation on 12 November 2021. The winning team is also be announced on the same day, and they will be scheduled to present their concept ideas at the 13th Southeast Asian Biosphere Reserve Network (SeaBRnet) meeting on 16 November 2021. Good luck and we wish all teams the best!