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“Let’s Talk About Water” Talk Show: Episode 2

On 7th of August, 2020, Myanmar Water Portal, The Water Agency’s communication platform in Myanmar, broadcasted the “Let’s Talk About Water – Talk show” Episode 2 with guest speakers, Dr. Win Maung from Myanmar Environment Institute (MEI), Ma May Thazin Aung and Ma Than Htway Lwin from Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI – Asia). A regular host, Kyaw Nyunt Linn made an opening speech and initiated the topic “Chindwin River Basin Organization”. In 2018, he wrote about the overview of activities regarding biodiversity, ecosystem services, water quality monitoring and livelihoods in Chindwin River. Find out more here.

Chindwin River: The Chindwin River is the biggest tributary of the Ayeyarwady River supplying freshwater to the Ayeyarwady Delta for urbanization, navigation and agriculture. Chindwin Basin is home to 14 Key Biodiversity Areas (KBA) which are the sites contributing to the national and global persistence of biodiversity. The health of the river is important to the economic development of the region and the quality of life of its inhabitants. There are already signs that the Chindwin River Basin is facing serious environmental and water management challenges.

The Chindwin River Basin Organization (RBO) is considered a mechanism to support integrated water resources management, ensuring environmentally and socially sustainable development in this vital river basin.

The speakers elaborated on the roles and responsibilities of Chindwin RBO and how it can support national development by encouraging local communities to provide inputs in Myanmar. The discussion focused on the structure and operation of Chindwin RBO, and why it is necessary and important. Moreover, speakers shared their ideas of the collaboration among different stakeholders to tackle environmental issues in the Chindwin Basin. 

For more information about the episode2 of Talk show, see the following links from the Myanmar Water Portal website. 


Summary and Dialogue of Episode 2 – Let’s Talks about Chindwin River Basin Organization in Myanmar – Myanmar Water Portal

On 7th of August, 2020, Myanmar Water Portal broadcast the Let’s Talk About Water – Talk show. Episode 2 with guest speakers, Dr. Win Maung from Myanmar Environment Institute (MEI), Ma May Thazin Aung and Ma Than Htway Lwin from Stockholm Environme

Join the Group – “Let’s Talk about Water – Discussions” – Myanmar Water Portal

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