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Resilience of people and places to natural hazards

A deep dive into the meaning of “resilience of people and places to natural hazards” – what does it look like & how can policy translate into action

In our various workplaces, the phrases “Resilience” and “Respond to natural hazards” are becoming more common and in many community focused programs it can be a design element.So at this workshop, taking place in Brisbane on September 27th, 2017, it was timely to explore these concepts and see what it might means for the various professionals involved in our network.

The specific focus for this event was to:

  • Share and build awareness on the Policy focus on Resilience to Natural Hazards in Queensland

  • Showcase examples of proactive resilience building initiatives in SEQ

  • Provide workshop participants with an opportunity to share their experiences on existing resilience initiatives and where opportunities and critical gaps exist and create a visual map of programs and initiatives, connected through the PPRR approach.