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Thaketa Climate Adaptation Project_Yangon Htee City Facebook Page Launch

Htee City is a program dedicated to the future of Yangon as a city in which all people work together to adapt to a changing climate. Yangon Htee City Facebook page is a climate adaptation awareness page as part of the Thaketa Climate Adaptation Project that aims to raise awareness and provide education about climate change with a focus on water security and what we can do to better adapt to these risks through collective community action.

The objectives of launching this page:

  • to raise awareness about the issues addressing in Thaketa Climate Adaptation Project
  • to share knowledge and facts about general topics relating to water and climate change.

Specifically, the topics include Importance of water; Climate Change & Adaptation; Impact of climate change on water; interventions for water and climate resilience; Integrated Urban planning; and Socio-economic Approach.

Moreover, we also created a cartoon series with colorful, and aesthetic visuals with easy-to-understand content for the general audience. For each episode, the main water-related topic acted as a backbone and the content was delivered as a conversation between the Yaysat (water droplet) & Htee (umbrella) and sometimes included the resident/ people character to represent the audience. There were a total of seven cartoon episodes and so far, the contents were delivered in Burmese. 

The English version of the cartoon series is coming soon, so, stay tuned and follow the Yangon Htee City on Facebook for the latest update!