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Tharketa Climate Adaption Pilot Project Launched and Water Logistics Updated – Partners for International Business (PIB)

The workshop, which is one of the roadmap activities of Partners for International Businesses (PIB) for Urban Water and Water Logistics, was held at Yangon Parliament building in January 21.

The opening speech was given by the Chief Minister of Yangon Regional Government sharing the vision of becoming climate resilient city and a strategic location in Yangon with its port and inland waterways and giving grateful speech to bring that all together.

During his visit to the Netherlands in June 2018, the Chief Minister of Yangon expressed Myanmar’s desire to tackle sea port management, river navigation, river dredging and river tunneling under the theme of water logistics. On the other hands, in the way of urban water management, he requested to support the city to address the several challenges and based on that, the Dutch partnership prioritized in water and climate adaption and resilience in urban environments.

During the workshop, Royal Haskoning DHV presented the result of vessel traffic simulation modelling by sharing results vessel study for different scenarios and simulation model demonstration, in addition, improving ports in Yangon river operational efficiency study. Furthermore, another consortium members, CDR International introduced Multimodal Transport Cost Environment Modelling (MTCEM) by demonstrating the prototype of MTCEM for typical Myanmar Transport System and Logistics.

In the evening session, Tharketa Climate Adaption Pilot Project has been launched to improve climate-adaptive water supply and reduced flooding in Tharketa, which is located in the southern part of Yangon. World Waternet presented Amsterdam Rainproof, an inspiring example of how to effectively work together in climate adaption and create positive change that has been applied in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Afterwards, The Water Agency demonstrated the concept of Climate adaption pilot project which is a 20-month community-driven project for designing and implementing different types of climate adaption interventions based on the social innovation approach.

Dutch Partnerships for Urban Water and Water Logistics

Last year, a partnership of Dutch companies and knowledge institutions took up the invitation of the Yangon Chief Minister to work on a Roadmap: focusing on addressing the Yangon’s water and climate related challenges and revealing the strategic location in Yangon to become the sustainable port.

The Partnership aims to collaborate with the Myanmar businesses, knowledge institutions, authorities as well as its citizens to identify and develop water related projects. The goal is to create a more resilient and prosperous Greater Yangon, together with Yangon stakeholders.


In recent years, the economy and population of Myanmar have been steadily growing, posing new challenges to its cities and citizens. This is especially true for the city of Yangon that is facing growing pressure on its water systems: access to drinking water and sanitation; wastewater treatment and water quality.

Also, climate change is causing more intense periods of drought and rainfall, which results in increased water scarcity and flooding. At the same time, Yangon’s port and waterways have on the city’s future. Confronted with this complex combination of water and climate-related challenges, an integrated urban water and water logistics strategy is urgently needed to secure a healthy and prosperous future for the city and its citizens.