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Indonesia Water Sector Consultation in the Hague

In June The Water Agency facilitated a Dutch water sector consultation at the beautiful KIVA institute in the Hague. Over 15 different type of stakeholders from the Dutch Water Sector (consultants, knowledge institutes, entrepreneurs, NGO’s) were invited by the Netherlands Water Partnership to share their valuable experiences about Indonesia.

The key objective was to listen and understand the priorities from the Dutch Water Sector who are active in Indonesia. This was the first step in a longer process (roadmap) to design a new MoU between Indonesia and the Netherlands. The coming period will be focused on consultations with the Indonesian government and local stakeholders to have a good understanding of their local needs, and where potential Dutch expertise can be matched.

 The session was structured according the following questions:

  1. What is key priority for Water Management in Indonesia in coming years?
  2. What opportunities do you foresee for Indonesia in the coming years?
  3. What (Who) are your potential clients in Indonesia? (Public, Private, etc.)
  4. What are relevant Product Market Combinations for your organization?
  5. What are potential blockers for potential collaboration (or success) in Indonesia?
  6. What would strengthen your chances in Indonesia to be successful?

Key ingredients for success are local ownership, local leadership and alignment with the agenda of other donors.