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Visiting Indo Water Expo and Forum 2019 in JCC, Jakarta

The enthusiasm at Indo Water Expo and Forum 2019 (pic by Aulia Rahman)

Indonesia Water Portal team had the opportunity to visit Indo Water Expo and Forum, which was held in JCC Jakarta for 3 days, starting from 17th to 19th July 2019. The team visited each stand to gather information for the readers in Indonesia Water Portal so the readers can get the latest information about the water market industry in Indonesia through the articles. 

Indo Water Expo and Forum 2019 was open for public and was attended by 206 companies and organizations from countries around the world – 183 of which were from Asia, like Singapore, China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, India, and South Korea while the rest were from The United States of America, the Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Austria, France, Swiss, and Turkey.

To read more about those articles, visit Indonesia Water Portal and you can find the articles under “Pameran Air” series.