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​’Water as Leverage’ – Urban Resilience Design Challenge

In response to an international call for inspirational approaches and thinking The Water Agency orchestrated the design and building of a unique proposition of a co-design approach with local communities to secure a safe, liveable and productive livelihood for Semarang communities. 

In response to the call for proposals from the international “Water as Leverage” competition, The Water Agency assembled a joint Indonesian-Dutch-Australian team to develop a unique offer based on building Resilience for the People of Semarang through Climate Immunology. Based on the concept of understanding local communities, their lifestyles and their landscapes through a Fluvial Transect framework, the proposal offered a unique way to build resilience into the Semarang catchments – by injecting resilience enzymes into the biophysical and human DNA of these communities.

The strategy was based on intervention approaches that could be initially tested and adapted through the catchments. Subsequently scaled to a higher distribution for local communities throughout all 3 local catchments the combination of measures would better manage extreme rainfall, flooding, subsidence and poor water management impacts.In doing so, local communities would not only have safer, liveable and productive lifestyles but they also would all better value and celebrate the value and benefit of water in their daily lives.