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Vietnam Aqua Venture – Program Launched

In recent years, Vietnam has become one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Two of Vietnam’s most important sectors – agriculture and industrial – are becoming the country’s leading sectors globally. Both sectors are also very water intensive. In business-as-usual scenarios, Vietnam is at risk of facing a water security problem in the near future.

Linking the business opportunities with the water issue, as well as driving sustainable economic growth in Vietnam, The Water Agency – supported by the Dutch government – is initiating Vietnam AquaVenture 2023, a business competition that challenges young aspiring entrepreneurs to develop and present their business ideas for innovative water technology solutions to a professional audience.

Guided by experienced Vietnamese and Dutch mentors, Vietnam AquaVenture 2023 offers an intensive entrepreneurship bootcamp with training, workshops and field trips to equip young entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully develop their solutions.

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