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Vietnam AquaVenture: Bootcamp to Strategy Room

After a thorough and competitive registration process where many teams applied, seven teams were chosen to be part of the Vietnam AquaVenture 2023 program. This careful selection ensures that the program includes the most promising talents. The program started with a series of online bootcamp sessions, which are the first step in an exciting and transformative learning experience.

Crucibles of Transformation

Through four weeks of online bootcamps starting in early August, seven trainers from various businesses and organizations shared their knowledge and expertise, from implementing sustainable practices in business to pitching skill. These young entrepreneurs have gathered new insight and collected various tools to better structure their ideas.

Figure 1. Trainers of Vietnam AquaVenture 2023
Figure 2. Highlights of one of the training sessions

Mentorship: Navigating Waters

Mentoring sessions are starting this week and continuing until the end of September. With guidance from professionals in their field, the teams are supported to navigate the complex waters of entrepreneurship. In no time, the teams will be ready to pitch their business in VietWater 2023.

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