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Asia Water House

Asia Water House assists international and local organisations for a smooth project implementation by supporting on-the-ground activities and stakeholder engagement, setting up an enabling environment,

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Asia Raincraft

Cities across Asia are dealing with serious water and climate challenges, ranging from flooding and water pollution to poor sanitation and water scarcity. Solving these

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Asia Climate Lab

Across the Asia region, there are many climate adaptation programs and projects, focusing on a broad range of topics. All these programs/projects bring local and

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Asia Valuing Water

Water is a core issue in development because every single of us needs water to live. Despite its important role, water remains scarce and problematic

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Asia Water Academy

Across the Asia region, millions of professionals from government, private sector and academia are working to address the region’s many critical water, environment and climate

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Asia Water Portal

Connectedness is the defining success factor for the global water sector. Connectedness enables sharing knowledge, commitment, learning, innovation, collaboration, transparency, and accountability. Asia’s water sector

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Asia Water Challenge

Asia Water Challenge is a capacity building program that challenges and inspires the next generation, especially students and young professional from various backgrounds, to contribute

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