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Celebrating Innovation and Sustainability: Vietnam AquaVenture 2023 Recap

With the program reaching its conclusion, Vietnam AquaVenture 2023 successfully fosters innovation and a commitment to sustainability. This intensive business competition, tailored-made for young entrepreneurs in Vietnam, challenges them to craft and present groundbreaking water technology solutions aimed at addressing the country’s pressing water challenges in agriculture and industrial sectors. Not only does this competition provided a platform for innovation, but it also offered participants invaluable mentorship, market research support, and the opportunity to pitch their ideas at the VietWater 2023 event.

Online Workshop Sessions: Nurturing Knowledge and Skills

The journey of Vietnam AquaVenture 2023 begins with a crucial first step – the online workshop sessions. In these sessions, skilled experts shared their knowledge and insights with the participants, covering a broad spectrum of topics. These included ideas for starting sustainable businesses, negotiation, pitching skills, and essential soft skills such as effective communication with stakeholders and the community. The workshop sessions aimed to equip the participants not only with theoretical knowledge but also with the practical skills necessary to tackle the water-related challenges facing Vietnam. Explore details here.

Mentoring Sessions and Field Trips

Following the online workshop sessions, participants had the privilege of engaging in mentoring sessions with skilful experts who have extensive experience in the fields of business, agriculture, aquaculture, environment, and water management. These engaging mentoring sessions served as a guidance, helping participants refine their innovative solutions and gain insights into real-world execution.

Simultaneously, the teams embarked on field trips to investigate technologies practically. They visited various industries, including factories, universities, and farms, to interview workers and managers. This hands-on experience allowed them to identify the essential technologies and skills that are integral to the daily routines of these sectors. These interactions supported participants gain a deeper understanding of the practicalities for implementing their innovative ideas.

Moments from team field trips

Building on the knowledge gained during the workshop and mentoring sessions, each team engaged in intensive brainstorming sessions to refine their ideas, aiming for a more sustainable water business. Explore their pitching ideas here.

Final Showcase at VietWater Event: A Celebration of Innovation

The highlight of Vietnam AquaVenture 2023 unfolded from the 11th to the 13th of October 2023 at the VietWater 2023 event. Here, the participants showcased their diverse ideas alongside models, spanning from advanced technologies to eco-conscious practices, all united by the common goal of ensuring a sustainable water future for Vietnam. Visitors voted for their favorite teams, adding an element of excitement and competition to the proceedings. Additionally, teams presented their ideas to professional judges, resulting in the selection of the winning teams, including the first prize, two runner-ups, and the public vote winner. These victorious teams received prize money, providing the catalyst needed to kickstart their business ideas.

Vietnam AquaVenture at VietWater 2023

Pitching to the professional judges

Team photo

MegaBreak (First Prize Winner)

A Brighter Future for Vietnam’s Water Industry

Vietnam AquaVenture 2023 has been a huge success for the future of Vietnam’s sustainable water business, as it not only nurtured innovation and entrepreneurship but also facilitated valuable networking opportunities for entrepreneurial collaboration. The Water Agency would like to express our appreciation to all partners and participants, whose support and participation have played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this initiative. As the competition’s winners prepare to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys, they carry with them the hope and promise of a more sustainable water future for Vietnam.