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A new step in the process of launching local, practical and inspirational implementations in Thaketa township

Since October last year the PIB UWLY Coalition – Partners in Business for Urban Water Logistics for a Greater Yangon – has been working on assignment of Yangon Region’s Chief Minister to work with local stakeholders to support his city in urban water and maritime challenges.

The PIB consortium consists of a multi-disciplinary team of architects, urban planners, engineers, community engagement specialists, water specialists and project management specialists.
Last week Consortium members met with YCDC representatives to propose the Climate Adaptation Pilot Project, which we have been working on since March.After many meetings with the local community, YCDC, ward representatives the Consortium has been drafting a complete mix of measures that will improve the climate resilience in the area: reduce flood risk, introducing rainwater harvesting, reduce water pollution and overall increasing the liveability and attractiveness of the ward.
The Pilot proposed for Ward 5 will serve as a testcase, after initial learning the Consortium aims for further implementation across other Wards in the township and ultimately across Yangon. Currenly the Consortium is awaiting final approval to kick-start the project.