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Analyzing Social & Economic Conditions: Side Trip to An Giang communities

Following the Mekong Delta Workshop which the Mekong Environment Forum (MEF) and The Water Agency (TWA) jointly hosted in October 2020, TWA- MEF team had a side trip to a few poor An Giang communities to analyze social & economic conditions. The Water Agency believes the value chain market needs international support in Mekong regions, for which The Water Agency can fill the gap with our expertise and global networks. After EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) effect since 2020, it brought substantial export opportunities for agriculture & aquaculture product lists in Mekong entering to the high standard & demands as Netherlands, Germany, UK, etc. The Water Agency also collaborated with a local company, Kim Delta, in this meaningful project. Our teamwork spent a lot of effort on data center resources, including marketplace, problem analysis, weakness & strength in a granular support level. It could add more value to the sustainable chain model and improve resilient community capacity with unpredictable mother Earth reactions.