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Can Tho Raincraft: Crafting A More Resilient Can Tho

After its successful first run in November 2022, The Water Agency continues collaboration with the Institute of Climate Change Research of Can Tho University, UN-Habitat, and the United States Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City for the second edition of Can Tho Raincraft. The kick-off ceremony organised last week at Can Tho University was well-received by the partners. Sixty enthusiastic local youth joined the kick-off, excited to be a part of the second edition and build their version of a resilient campus inside the Minecraft world.

This second edition would bring forward a new way of visualising knowledge. By using Minecraft to understand the topic of Environment, Climate Change, Water, Green Infrastructure Design, and Nature-based Solutions, the participants could experience and understand the issues through playing. In the next phase, participants are provided with a Minecraft model of Can Tho University, where they can actively craft their versions of potential interventions to solve the existing problems at Can Tho University.

The Water Agency strongly believes in the youth’s vital role in promoting resiliency for the Mekong Delta’s future by raising awareness of emerging water and climate issues. Professor Van Pham Dang Tri from Dragon Intistute CTU also believed that Minecraft games is a perfect tool to raise awareness about climate change and water issues to the young generation. Ms. Natella Svistunova – Cultural Affairs Officer of the United States consulate – added how the program would greatly benefit Can Tho University’s green renovation ideas.

The teams involved in the kick-off workshop were very enthusiastic and eager to learn deeper about designing Minecraft. Amongst all of the teams, Dream Crafter team stood out for their innovative idea. The team – consisting of Can Tho University alumni – created two initiative ideas that support the green infrastructure concept and adaptive climate change due to over-flooding and sinking scenarios. They believe the target beneficiaries (students, teachers, parents, communities) can use it effectively and make a safe school environment.

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