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A Water Wise City – Community of Practices Workshop

To understand the water management efforts planned for 2019, this Community of Practice (CoP) workshop explored prospective water management activity in the Yangon and its region through the collaborative opportunities between various water professionals. At this workshop on January 23, Dr Piet Filet, Managing Partner of The Water Agency and participants generated a roadmap for Yangon water professionals and organizations.

The workshop provided the participants a way to build a collective 2019 agenda (roadmap) for their projects in Myanmar water sector and explore any alignment opportunities with other like-minded organizations to create a better result. By setting a forward program and seeing the bigger picture, helped participants at this CoP workshop better appreciate where each piece of their work fitted alongside other projects. 

Outcome: All-in-one roadmap

The outcome of the workshop was a water roadmap for Myanmar in 2019. The roadmap includes the date of workshops, seminars and the projects deadline which will be happening and enable different organizations to connect, and more important to meet new stakeholders from industry and media.

When analyzing the roadmap, every month is occupied with various projects in different regions. The roadmap can be used as an overview of the water projects in Myanmar and then, people can learn which basin or region is currently active, and what parts of the sector is required to improve and business opportunities to connect with projects of other organizations. If the project is completed, the discussion can be done and shared their knowledge and difficulties while working on it.

To finalize the result, as the CoP stimulates peer-to-peer knowledge exchange and learning between local and international water experts by –

  1. providing a connection between existing groups
  2. identifying a key place for water issues related matters to be considered, discussed and resolved

For more information on this CoP session, please reach out to Gerdien:

Gerdien Velink
Project Manager