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PIB UWLY – Workshop on an integrated urban water policy

PIB UWLY Workshops – Consortium Members and local Stakeholders meet in Yangon

On 23rd of July, the PIB UWLY consortium has come together again to host a high-level workshop at Yangon Region Government office which aims to discuss and obtain solid next steps and pragmatic solutions for the water challenges of Yangon region.

Two seperate workshops were hosted:

  1. Multi-modal Transport System Workshop: Developing Technical Guidelines Workshop (Vessel Collision Risk Perspective) and Dredging Workshop from Owner’s Perspective. Read more about this workshop here. 
  2. Integrated Urban Water Policy Yangon in which stakeholders from Myanmar Port Authority (MPA), Directorate of Water Resources and Improvement of River Systems (DWIR), Inland Water Transport (IWT), Department of Marine Administration (DMA), Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) and Parliament Members (PM), Myanmar Engineering Council (MEC) and Myanmar Maritime University (MMU) interactively participated

Workshop: Integrated Urban Water Policy Yangon 

The water policy is subjected from the request of the Yangon Region Government which is the start point to establish a region wide water resources management , which will be to ensure strong alignment and commitment as moving towards installation of practical interventions, which linkwith the urban water track of UWLY program and from that with the ambition towards the bigger scope of forming Water Policy for Yangon Region, Mr Johan Heymans, delegated representative of the Netherlands for water corporation in Myanmar, led the third part of the workshop in which the representatives from different departments of Yangon City Development Committee participated.

By doing of the Water Policy in Yangon Region and it is heading to solve the complexity of project development and prioritization of the regional development activities. On this regard, the Netherlands embassy is supporting to start up the water policy in Yangon region and it may help to solve out the water related project development of Yangon Region. Water policy will not workout stand alone and it will be linked with other policies for regional development activities.

The major outcome of the discussion is the policy to focus for Yangon city urban area and the policy is eligible to apply all of the cities in the Yangon region. In the water policy, there is more focused on the urban water utilization and the water resources areas are not existing from the region wide content. The policy is targeting to the Urban water management and the rural water management will be in later.

The water policy will be long term vision and content is covering the urban water management. The action plan should do for every 5 year and evaluation is essential for the policy.

Closing Remarks

The workshop was concluded successfully after Yangon Chief Minister delivered closing remarks in the matters of all three parts of the workshop.

Yangon Chief Minister remarked relating to the navigation and vessel flows of Yangon River that it is important that to obtain the accurate data of the real-life situation and analyse them correctly when we examine Yangon’s port and logistics sector during this workshop. The inner Yangon ports have been a major trade point and lately, Thilawa ports are becoming operational. The vision and strategies for port and logistics development of Yangon should aim to serve as a regional logistics hub considering not only trade flow of the country but also that of SEA region. Including all these considerations, the outcomes of the workshop are expected to be insightful and supportive for the further steps to develop Yangon’s port and waterways.

Regarding dredging, the presentations have included tender documents including designs, specification, terms & conditions and Chief Minister stated that the design concepts need to be implemented for the Yangon river dredging since Yangon river has many challenges for the navigation & dredging. Government has approved budget to utilized $ 5millions yearly for maintenance dredging in Yangon river. So, dredging should be done carefully without collapsing river bank as one of the critical design factors.

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