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‘Storytelling in the Myanmar Water Sector’ – Communication Training hosted at MMU

On July 14, 2019, 19 Undergraduate students from the River & Coastal Studies of Myanmar Maritime University joined The Water Agency’ Communication Training. 

Hosted by our Myanmar Water Portal Manager Kyaw Nyunt Linn, the training provided tips and tricks for using new communication tools – dedicated to show how and why the communication is necessary and introduce the Myanmar Water Portal to share their stories online. 

Communication is needed to develop within Water Sector to improve productivity and collaboration among different people with a same goal. The training is delivered to students from Myanmar Maritime University to give motivation and inspirations to pursue water-related professionals after their study. 

The training included reporting, story telling and also introducting digital communication tools and how to use them properly. Digital communication is important in our daily lives, as well as in working business. The students that participated got to use the digital tools – Google Suite for their studies. At the end of the session, the assginments which showed their future career and the motives of learning their major subject were given to the participants by writing 200 words. Ultimately, students have learnt some important online course websites, digital tools and communicative mindset.