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Thaketa Climate Adaptation Project_Drainage Level Measurement Campaign

As part of the Thaketa Climate Adaptation Pilot Project and in terms of making Thaketa Ward-5 to be more flood resilient, a four-day drainage level measurement campaign was carried out under the drainage improvement intervention with the lead of The Water Agency.

Some of the specific objectives of this measurement campaign are (1) to check the slope of the drains including front and alley drains and to understand the current conditions of drains, culverts, outlets & possible water flow, (2) to gather data for modelling and understanding the bottlenecks and (3) to support future works for the project team and Ward Officer/ YCDC.

Before the actual measurement, a senior technical advisor from Beca gave a training session to the core measurement team including the theory of levelling, the usage of devices, overall processes, etc. The campaign was carried out on the 3rd week of July, 2020 and it was successfully accomplished by the team including Thandar (project assistant form The Water Agency) who took the lead of the team, So Pyay (Community Engagement Inter from Doh Eain), one or two volunteers each day. Furthermore, with the collaboration of YCDC, two staff from Thaketa Drainage Department were also involved throughout the whole measurement campaign.

As the outcome of this campaign, GIS point shapefiles were generated for the ward level drains, culverts and outlets both inside & outside the ward. With the help of the data getting from this, the project could contribute a drainage improvement proposal to YCDC as one of the main outcomes of the project Phase-I. 

Drainage Level Measurement Campaign