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Tools for water sensitive cities – what can they tell us & what can “we” do?

A tour of tools that explore water sensitive designs – with benefits from street trees, rainwater tanks & impacts on urban heat and what is the return on investment look like? 


over 40 participants partipated in the Community of Practice Session organised in Brisbane on 12 October 2018. 

In the CoP session we showcased some of the emerging tools, including worked examples that exist for water sensitive cities.

Aim was to consider the implications of the outcomes of the worked examples and what they might mean on how professionals work together and how their organisations build synergies for the collective role in urban design.

The following tools were presented:

  • Street tree water use by Sally Boer
  • Urban heat comparisons by Al Hoban
  • Application cost-benefit analysis tool by Tony McAlister


The participants were asked to share to their thoughts on: how the tool can help? what will convince/incentivize your organisation to use this tool? And does this tool need any other features?