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TWA’s Kyaw Nyunt joins the Climate Talk Series

Sustainability consultant Conyat Create and Pansuriya have partnered to launch the Climate Talks series. A series of inspiring talks by experts focused on understanding climate change from several perspectives. 

On Monday March 28th the topic Water & Climate Change was the central theme, discussing the relationship between water and climate change in Myanmar. Climate Change manifests itself primarily through changes in the water cycle. As the climate changes, droughts, floods, melting glaciers, sea-level rise and storms intensify or alter, often with severe consequences. 

During the session, Kyaw Nyunt Linn participated as a speaker talking about saltwater intrusion into groundwater due to sea level rising. It is also his mission for writing a ‘climate change’ article that he went to the saltwater intrusion area, Pyapone, the lower Delta region of Ayeyarwaddy.